Friday, February 8, 2013

Buckwheat sooo yummy!

So recently I came across a recipe for Banana Buckwheat Muffins that were to be eaten during a detox. I made them and they were sooo good.  Since then I have done a little research on buckwheat as I was unsure as to what it really was. I've written up some nutritional facts about Buckwheat which will hopefully peek you interest in trying this tasty treat.

  • This food is low in Saturated Fat, and very low in Cholesterol and Sodium.
  • It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Magnesium, Copper and Manganese
  • It has an amino acid score of 99!  This makes it a great almost complete protein.
  • If you consume it with something vitamin C rich you have a better chance of absorbing its iron.
  • It's not wheat and therefore GLUTEN FREE!
  • Buckwheat is a seed for all you raw foodies and Paleo goers.
  • Good source of B vitamins.
It's a strange pyramid shaped seed that is high in rutin which is believed to promote heart health and prevent disease.
You can buy it ground like flour or whole toasted and untoasted; buckwheat groats as they are called.  Adding it to your diet could be very fun as it has been for me.  It's really tasty and easy to find.  Bob's Red Mill sells it in stores or on Amazon if you are isolated.
I'm wondering about growing it myself, but I find grains are very troublesome to harvest and clean.  Better off to just buy most of them.  Be watching as I post new recipes for the gobbling using this wonderful new friend of mine!

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