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This is our list of seeds for sale for 2012!

These farm-bred varieties are developed for the Pacific Northwest region, selected for hardiness, pest-resistance, and marketability.  These varieties are grown under the strictest standards of genetic fitness.  We do not grow seed varieties where there is a possibility of contamination from pollen from sexually compatible plants, either weeds or cultivars.  We maintain adequate populations of plant numbers to carry forth the genetic viability of each variety.  We do not harvest from less than fifty plants of any variety in order to prevent "genetic bottlenecking."  Our seeds are grown under the strictest organic conditions, as codified by the USDA National Organic Program.  Each of our plant varieties are selected for flavor and beauty, and they are grown with love!
                                                                                 ~JJ Haapala

Arugula                                             $3.50 min 100 seeds     $1.50 20 seeds

This is a wonderful peppery green for salads.  Cut when young for milder flavors.  Arugula is easy to grow and winter hardy.  Plant in Spring or fall for green through the year.Flowers are lovely yellow with scarlet throats resembling orchids. Harvest leaves before they reach 6 inches for best results.

OSU Open Pollinated Broccoli        

$3.50 min 100 seeds     $1.50 20 seeds
Pictured to the left is the broccoli in each stage. Bred by Oregon State University, this broccoli is a commercial tight budded green broccoli in an open polinated strain. OSU combined all of the known varieties over an 8 year period.  An excellent modern private/public plant developement project.  A true Raoul Robinson breeding program (Raoul wrote the book "Breeding for Resistance"). Excellent flavor.  Great raw or cooked.  Nice tight heads and very tender.

Ruby Red Chard                         $3.50 min 100 seeds     $1.50 20 seeds

This Chard is so lovely!  The young chutes are an intense ruby red.  Leaves are soft and buttery.  Great for steaming, soups, or raw.  Harvest all year round in more temperate climates like the pacific NW.  Plant in Spring or fall. Easy care plant.

Genovese Basil                           $3.50 min 100 seeds     $1.50 20 seeds

By far the favorite for cooking.  This has an incredible smooth flavor that is excellent for Pesto.  Basil is so much fun to grow and fairly easy care.  Having at least two plants is great for alternate cuttings. Upright form is about 30" high and 3' wide in good conditions.  Can be easily integrated into your landscape for lovely bright green foliage.  Prefers nutrient rich well drained soil.  Transplants well.  check out our growing tips.

Golden Ball Turnips                    $3.50 min 100 seeds     $1.50 20 seeds

This is a super yummy turnip.  These turnips have a golden color like yukon gold potatoes.  Their flesh can be baked , boiled, grilled, fried, or mashed.  They are best when just a little larger than golf balls, but smaller than tennis balls. Space 4" on center 8" apart. Plant in spring or fall.

Red Russian Kale                         $3.50 min 100 seeds     $1.50 20 seeds

This Kale is fairly slender leaved with undulating edges.  The leaves are dark green with purple hues and deep purple stems and veins.  The leaves are excellent for cooking with a mild taste and less pithiness than that of other kale like Dinosaur Kale. Easy to grow and quite hardy.

Calendula                                $2.50 min 50 seeds      $1.50 20 seeds    

Beautiful and easy care with lower water needs.  Can withstand high heat, especially if mulched.  Plants have a 2.5 foot spread and top out at around 36 inches.  Great for its oils, wonderful for cutting and very easy care.  Can be through out to go without care in part sun areas.

Larkspur (mixed colors)       $2.50 min 100 seeds     $1.50 20 seeds   

I love this flower.  The colors are so brilliant.  Flowers are born in thick clusters on sturdy 3'-4' spikes.  Easy care.  Seedlings do not like to dry out, but once established they can easily take a drying out.  2' max spread.  I like to plant densely 8" on center for bold look.  Cut early in the morning for best vase life.  Shades of pink, white, purple and purple with blue.

Large Sampler Package                                   $24.00
Get one pack of each of the above packets.

Small Sampler Package                                    $11.00
One of each of the small packets listed above.             

Shipping and Handling                Our goal this year is to 
*---------------------------*               release open-pollinated 
$0-$15           $3.00 s&h                   seeds to the  public at 
$16-$30         $5.00 s&h             affordable prices. Our shipping 
$30-$75         $7.50 s&h                 charges simply cover costs.

How to Order
  1. Print our Order Form and send in with check or money order.
  2.  Email me with your order and I will email you a Paypal invoice.

Food is power.  Those who patent seeds
have power no one should have.
Buy open-pollinated seeds.
Empower yourself by exercising your right to 
grow food!

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