Friday, September 10, 2010

Enjoying the Harmony of Life

Our squashes at Heron's Nest Farm are looking great. We were a little late in getting them in, but the fruits have "set" and are getting plumper by the day.

Yesterday we put garlic in and I plan to plant shallots this weekend. I can hear the freshly tilled earth calling to me. The farm seems to beckon me all throughout my day. But the farm is not the only thing beckoning; my children need me as they start the school year, my home needs constant attention, my own yard is in disrepair, I am taking 17 units in 2 weeks, and, and...

It's all a bit foreboding. But yesterday it was so quiet in the field with the soft soil beneath my feet and the birds tweeting. There is an incredible feeling of containment that overwhelms me when I look down the symmetrical rows of tilled earth and plant cloves of garlic in a straight line 6 inches on center. It's incredible the joy of the potential just beneath the surface and the visual splendor of crops fruiting full throttle. Everything seems perfect in those moments and really I want for nothing more. It is as though I can hear the sound of all creation singing in harmony and its melody quashes every worry.

Jesus told us not to worry and when I sit in those moments I understand why. That song I hear is the one of many lives and energies adding their piece/peace to the score. It is never cacophonous unless I fall out of its rhythm. Instead of being present in the moment I drift away to my list of things to do, bills, etc. I essentially check out of reality and the noise in my head drowns out the beauty and synchronicity of resting in perfect love and perfect trust.

That's what I want; to rest in this world nestled with those lives and energies, loving and trusting them. I want to grow in the appreciation of those around me knowing that we are interconnected and that the parts are never greater than the sum. I hope we can all enjoy the symphony and appreciate the notes that are being offered by the people and life in all its forms around us everyday, every way, and in every moment. It's a precious song whose rhythm both shapes us and helps us to contribute our distinct offering of "self".



  1. The Peace that surpasses all understanding is at the heart of trust in Jesus and what Jesus taught when he was on earth. He used many farming/ranching type analogy's to help the people understand and connect with what he was conveying. For example keeping the wolfs out sowing seeds on good soil being grafted in the vein ect.

    I love how he knows how to help us understand what the most important things are and what we should focus on and what not to focus on. To find peace is so important to us and is so needed that when we feel we can't get it we do funny things. We don't act right and we look for it in many other way that sometimes brings more pain then peace. There is a reason God put in the word "Be still and know that I am God".

    I would ask those who are reading this to ask yourself what trust issues do you have with God? What can you do to let go of the fear that can over take you at times that will lead to you not trusting God? What does the word say about love and fear? Does God love you?

    Ok thanks April for your blog.


  2. Chris, I have thinking about YH_H today. Happy New Year! BTW. My thought was...Do you think that in light of internet and the digital age, the authors should consider changing the introduction to the NT to, "First there was the image?"

    April, I love your writing!!


  3. So beautifully written, and such a wonderful reminder. Working on the same lessons here, not just for myself, but for the sake of the child I carry....hoping that the more I can stay present now, the more she will be able to fly free of the distractions her own life will bring. There is so much both out there and within that can keep us from that connection with the universal rhythm.....and it can be all too easy to forget to stop and just~~~breathe. It's that simple, to bring ourselves back to center. Just connect with the Elements, and let the rest go.

    I think that's what we all seek, is to be *there* always. Yet one of the great life journeys seems to be in the learning of how to stay in that place.....if we are growing, then those tidal ebbs and flows carry us ever closer~even at the times when it doesn't feel like it.