Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jars of Sunshine

It's morning here on the farm. Summer is in full swing with rows of sunflowers lifting their heads and singing their happy aria. While the sun is not so hot these last few days, I have been doing my best to capture sunshine in a bottle, or should I say jar.

I've been canning fruits in preparation for the dark months ahead. They are coming. There is a real fullness right now that makes me a little lazy. With so much abundance, I feel as though I'm surrounded by a thick, cushy cloud of contentment. I am doing my best these days to take note of that content
ment. I want to be really familiar with it. I keep visiting this place in my mind, running over its ground attempting to know its every curve and nuance. I want to know it so that I can go there whenever I need to. And I know I will need to.

Today, take a wonderful moment and rest in it.

Too often we are so busy that we forget to stop and collect our peace. But practicing your peace makes it so you can render your "piece" more effectively to the whole. Being you is so much more enjoyable--for everyone-- when you know peace. So gather your peace and store it up. When rainy days come you can pop open a jar of sunshine for yourself or a weary soul.

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  1. You have a really good point. Even in the midst of plenty, a sense of remembrance is needed. Remember the good times and the blessings God has given us. In the valley of darkness, those jars of sunshine come in handy!