Friday, March 11, 2011

Oregon Ban the Bag Take Action!

Oregon Ban the Bag Take Action!
Take a moment to tell your representative how you feel by clicking the above link.

There is no reason for us to have plastic bags at grocery stores. Nowadays you can purchase a reusable bag for 99 cents!

Moving towards sustainability slowly and steadily is an achievable goal. Let us stand up and take action in the ways we can.
Buy local when you can.
Buy organic when you can.
Plant a tree.
Hug someone.
Don't buy more crap for your house.
Volunteer for something you believe in once a month--even once a year!

Let's hear some replies from you. Something simple you do to make a difference.


  1. My family and I reuse plastic containers from yogurt, cottage cheese, lunch meet, etc. in order to store left overs in the refrigerator. We also support local businesses whenever possible!

  2. We recycle everything. And we're also trying very hard to stay out of WalMart, Target, and the other stores just buying foreign made products that only end up in our landfills in a couple of months. Instead of buying Chinese goods our money has been going into our very large raised bed garden where we'll soon be growing as much as we can to feed ourselves and our close friends. We have 30 chickens, 4 beehives, and of course our garden. By the time I retire I want to be able to live as much as possible off what we grow on our own property.

  3. We do all of those but "buying" organic is not something we really do. Instead, we grow our organics.
    We are trying to buy a farm so that process of being self sustaining will be easier to do, but until then we urban homestead.
    As far as volunteering, I spend a great deal of time doing that in various avenues, but most visibly by others by helping lead a very large homeschool coop.