Wednesday, March 13, 2013


  • Plant strawberries in well drained fertile soil in early spring when ground can be worked.
  • Buy bare root plants for best results.
  • Make sure to crown is just below dirt with leaves and stems above soil. (plantlets usually have but a few leaves). 
  • Purchase varieties growers will be happy to help you select a variety that suits your needs and climate.appropriate for your area. Usually
  • Plant in small hills for easier care and amending.
  • Spacing-   14- 16"
  • Add some readily available nitrogen like  feather meal, some well rounded long term amendment like bone mean, and calcium in the for of oyster shell to each plant upon planting.
  • Chose a sunny location.
  • Side dress with high nitrogen manure like chicken poop after the first spring weeding.
  • You can water with fish before the flowering.  Once flowering begins stop.
  • Keep on top of weeds! Strawberries get shaded quick by weeds.  Weeds steal nutrients.
  • Water when soil gets dry.  A nice chance to dry a little and feel the heat makes strawberries push. This puts on growth.
  • Wet conditions too often can create an environment for disease. Watch for signs of distress.  Purchase varieties appropriate for your area.
  • Remember that plump strawberries require water.  But overhead water too close to harvest is not good.  Strawberries should be harvested dry--especially if you are marketing them!  Wet strawberries rot! Drip tape is preferable.


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