Friday, January 20, 2012

Flooding on the farm

So we watched the last few days as our neighbors field filled with water.  This is what we do here when it warms and rains increase.  It creeps steadily toward the road and eventually crosses, sending the river into our neighbors farm.

When it hits this high it actually fills our front field and takes water, debris and top soil over to our other neighbors farm, Sweet Leaf.  Our garlic crop is under water right now.  :-(

Hoping there will be no damage, but I can't help but think that this is not the first flood of the year.  It is thrilling being out here on the farm watching the water rise and wondering how high it will get!

Thinking that next year we will not plant this field until the spring and rather stick to the side field and mid field.  However, I believe our crop will be fine if the water recedes in the next 48 hours.

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