Monday, November 19, 2012

Believe in Yourself

            Mom has been diagnosed with cancer.  This has really put a lot in perspective.  The day before we found out, my husband and I had our worst fight ever, the next day was the diagnosis and the following day I was present at my neighbors birthing.  It really drove home how life is happening on so many levels. 

            Really though, what I see is that God’s glory is a mystery.  It continues to unfold in ways that are often foreign to us.  Things that we want to say are bad are the tools that give the Holy Spirit access into our hearts and minds.  Our lives are transformed if we have eyes to see and ears to hear.  People are fighting, being born and dying. and all of it is His great plan.

 We are people sitting on the threshold of a new season in life.  We have been positioned by God to do something genuine. Every day affords us an opportunity to live in our divine self.  We have been prepared to manifest God’s glory by the thimble of sanctification He has achieved in us.  

But more specifically, this is YOUR moment to be in the great I Am.  Don’t waste it on wrestling with doubt and fear.  Go forward and be what you have been created to be.  It’s easier than you think if you let God rise up and the cares of this world slip away.
   You can’t go wrong.  You are simply wonderful you.  You are ready to love life and the people around you.  I hope today you will relax into God’s grace and trust that you know what you need to.

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