Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Fruit is for Others

We all know that when you plant an apple seed you do not get carrots. What you sew is what you reap and metaphorically each of us is like an garden.

Each piece of us is like a tree or plant producing fruit.  Here I am with all my aspects and these aspects are producing fruit in my life.  The thing is, our fruit is not for us!  Our fruit is for others.

What are you producing?  Is there unforgiveness in your life?  Did you plant it and a bitter tree has sprung up?  Bitter fruit is not what we want to pass out to friends and family--let alone be known for.

Are you sewing seeds of anger in yourself and others?  Those are fruits no one wants to eat.

Maybe you have been raised on a diet of yucky fruits, and you don't even know what sweet luscious fruit there is to be partaking of.

Well, you don't have to worry.  If you need some good seed, just ask.  Go to the source.  Love is right where you are right now waiting to show up in technicolor.  No longer do you need to live in the black and white and gray of Kansas, but rather OZ is ready and waiting.  The Kingdom of Heaven is here!

Maybe you feel as far from Heaven as you can get.  No matter, ask.  Ask with an open heart that the One who gives all good and perfect gifts would give you fresh ??? (help, direction, purpose, healing, etc.)

After you ask listen for love.  Maybe it is a feeling that overcomes you.  Maybe it will show up as a picture in your head.  Maybe it will show up as one word you hear in your head or even audibly.  Maybe a letter, phone call, or? Wait for it.  Expect it.  Believe in it. Let it be beyond your ability to ask imagine or dream.  Don't box love up and tell the Divine how it's going to be.

Relax knowing that Love has your best interest at heart.  Love sees all and knows all.  Let love serve you in ways you don't dictate.  Get excited to see it show up.  Remove all your ideas of it and let the Divine be fresh and wonderful.

Letting go is so refreshing.  Trust is so much better than struggling against reality.  Trust Love.  Make it your purpose every day, every minute.  Soon you will have a bumper crop and folks will be flocking for another taste of the goodness you produce!

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