Thursday, December 1, 2011

Only a gardener would

There are quite a few things about we gardeners that make non gardeners wonder if we're in our right minds. Only a gardener would - 

    • Rejoice if a dump truck pulled up and emptied a big load of horse manure in the driveway.
    • Apologize to a worm if we cut it in half with a shovel.
    • Go around collecting dead plants and pile them into a big pile, then do everything we can think of to make it get nice and rotten.
    • Crawl around on our hands and knees looking at the bottoms of leaves to see if something needs squishing.
    • Have three categories for bugs; good bugs, bad bugs and just bugs.
    • Get giddy over the 1st seed catalog of the season in the mailbox!
    • Spend hours and hours on a garden forum!!!
    • View dirty fingernails as a badge of honor.
    • Reorganize a garden considered finished by any other set of eyes...

    Let's see how many we can add...

                                                     Thanks to Hoodat and friends for these thoughts!

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  1. This really tickled me! I enjoy your blog a lot :)