Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Community is a key to sustainability

We have summer rain!

OK, it's more like a drizzle, but I'll take what I can get.  My window sits open and the sound of drops in a syncopated rhythm is carried in by a cool breeze laden with the smell of summer rain drops on dry soil.  I am waiting for my second wind as tonight I am making chocolate custard pie.

This weekend Jay and I are hosting a dinner party.  I am reading and focusing on Italian cooking this month (recipes forthcoming), so Italian it is.

Europeans really know how to eat.    Food sits in the backseat of American culture for too many of us.  It's such a sad thing!  Good food makes for good times.   Community is built quickly by eating together.  In order to sustain life here on Earth in better ways shouldn't we know one another to sustain one another? Community is a key to sustainability.

We hear about buying local, but I would add, BE local.   Be present with the people around you.  Enlarge your circle of love by reaching out.  I charge you this: make it a point to break bread (or even just coffee) with someone soon.  Remember that hospitality is not a clean house, but the warmth others feel from you upon entering your home.  Don't wait for things to be perfect!

Maybe a dinner party is too overwhelming for you, but there are so many ways to connect in love; we have only to see our world as bigger than ourselves and the list of never-ending tasks before us.

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